Infinatez Thank You

We would like to say thank you to all our friends yang keep supporting us throughout the growing and evolving of Infinatez for the past 3 years. For us Infinatez is not only these 5 people now that you see auditioning for Gangstarz. It is more than that. Lagi2 without the original line up of Infinatez, there will be no us now. A big kudos to Amir, Syai & Benign for the love. To all our friends, you know who you are, we love you. You guys are awesome. Yes Infinatez still has a long way to go, but insyaAllah with the help and support from you guys, Infinatez will come what ever may and be an influential music entity one day.

We probably can't mention all the names coz there are too many. Hehe, macam buat cover album plak ;) For now I would like to highlight some sites yang ada mention about Infinatez.

A few blogger friends yang kind enough to put up our campaign banner at their blog, keep rockin guys!!!

Then I (Alvin) also noticed a site yang ada selit nama Infinatez a bit ;) This is a very good website if you want to know about the art and music scene in KL (and also Malaysia).

Actually ada lagi yg lain but I'll save it for later sebab actually I'm not that sure if they want their blog exposed, hehe. Don't worry, there will be a lot more thank yous to come.

Before I stop, ada teaser sikit - INF will come to you very soon!!!

Yang menulis - Alvin of Infinatez