Infinatez in Gangstarz TV3!!

There was a press conference held on the 7th February at Poppy Garden. It was to announce the top finalist that is going to represent Malaysia against the likes of Indonesians and Singaporeans. We came early to set up everything since we ve been resting for the whole week, having very less practice. So there were the soundcheck session, where we supposed to do cover version of 'I DO'. But after several times, we decided to pick another song for the day

Right after we've done with our make-up (yes, we have our own makeup artiste), straight away head to the main area.The day started of with both Shazzy and Ruffedge performance before Dato' farid gave a brief speech. Later they announced the 3 profesional judges, Vernon (Ning's manager), Maple Loo (Choreographer) and Arab (composer). Ater the performance by all the finalist, there were a few photoshoots...

Our performance? We sang 'Viva La Momma'...and it was simply great, nuff said. So guys, check us out!! There will be videos and audios coming in our myspace!!


ainfazrin said...

i didnt go to the PC,but i caught you guys masa tgk WHI the next day.Erk,currently im a homemaker,so i accidentally watched WHI.hahahah.and yep,you guys were great..and gonna be better,and will be the best,Amin.