Family Day

We had a meeting on Sunday 2PM at Burger King KLCC to discuss more about our strategy before 'gangstarz' kickoff. So we invited a few people we think might suit and come in handy. These beautiful people are very supportive and they had experience handling things like this. The ones who came was Rafik, Shah, Andy, Daniel, Alvin, Dato' Fahmie, Syai,Jibb & spouse, Sou, Lynn and Rizale. Then along the way came Wawa and Fifa.

So we discussed bout couple of things such as promotion and marketing for Infinatez. The conclusion is devided into 3, which is the artiste management, merchandise and the fan club. Yes, there will be a fan club guys. Merchandising will be fully handled by SOON (something out of nothing),a company under Jibb, Rizale and Alvin. And somewhere next week the official website will be launched, up and running. So it gives more reason for ya'll out there to come and visit our blog frequently. We will be announcing it soon.

INF (Infinatez N' Friends),
Andy Merican


ainfazrin said...

*smiles* saya nk pakai badge INF ke mana jua saya pergi.ahaks.ngeh.

sunsetdihatiku said...

sejak bila BK KLCC cantik cam gini....... uhh i want the french smoked whatever burger thingy. On a more relevant note, link to gangstarz/infinatez clips on youtube will be much appreciated!

w.a.w.a said...

ohohoho.. sangat klasik ini picture.. saye hanye berjaye menampakkan kepala saje.. anyhoo.. dropping by to check u out..
good luck~

w.a.w.a said...

owh lupe nak bagitau..
gambar ni telah dipampang di blog saye.. kalau tak boleh cakap eh.. ke kalau nak kene minte kebenaran sesape sile beritahu.. sekian terime kasih

plutonium said...

sangat cantik itu ganbar...mintak maaf banyak2 sbb tak dpt join korg mase kat burger king...kebetulan aritu aku ade banyak sgt hal....hope dpt join korg lepasni...all the best brothers