How to develop your music career?

1. Gig Till You Bleed
Do not just depend on airplay to get the word out on your music. Under these circumstances, it is important to get the word out by gigging a lot. Play in as many places as you can so that you are able to reach different circle of fans. And when you play, do not be too shy to go round asking for people to join your mailing list – as an indie, your mailing list is your lifeline – build it!

2. Co-Bill
Get your friends who have groups and co-bill gigs (3-4 groups per event is ideal). This way, everyone bring their fans and they ‘share’ fans. This is one reason why I am so against peer-group bitching and politicking. Unity is power.

3. Maximise Your Skill Sets
The trick is to know what yours are – and then see if you can utilise them in a way that increases your public visibility. These skill sets may range from writing ability, to techie ability, to design ability etc. Once you have identified the skill sets available to you, then find out who needs these services and begin bartering for exposure.

4. Persevere
The first thing to do is to strategise for multiple albums release rather merely hope to ‘make it big’ on your debut album. If you can’t see a way to do that, then it’ll be tough – because the chances of you ‘making it big’ with your debut album is very small, especially if your don’t have a major label investing loads of money into your publicity campaign.

5. Define Your Objective
There are many ways to be a musician – not all of them involves turning ‘pro’. If you wanna turn pro, however, realise that the domestic market for English music in Malaysia is very small and is very unlikely to be able to offer you a chance to make a living out of your music.
Thus, the choice is(i) stay semi-pro forever; or(ii) have a plan to export your music (eventually) to bigger markets.

6. Export You Stuff
With the internet, you can make small moves to build an audience outside of Malaysia.
There are many ways to do this – e.g. touring with the help of friends abroad who know the local scene, get your music uploaded to as many download portal as your can, or offer free downloads of extra material you have to anyone who cares to download it.

7. Get Multi-Dimensional
Try and cultivate different versions of your music. This sounds fine in theory, but in reality, different venues will require you to play differently – e.g. a cafe or a wedding reception is unlikely to want to have a loud band with drums – and so in order to play it you may need to do acapella as what we did before

8. Make It Happen Yourself
Fundamentally, this means changing your mindset from being ‘a musician’ to ‘a musician who understands the business’. The latter is partly a factor of being not afraid to ‘self-promote’.
Thus, study how press kits are done and then write it yourself, manage a mailing list of fans, design your own leaflets when you gig, create your own opportunities and do your own publicity.

9. Be Good To Your Fans
Sign autographs, reply emails, give free things away once in a while (however home-brewed, it is not the value of the freebie that counts but the thought). Add a blog to your website so that you can keep your fans informed of what you are doing on a very regular basis, and where they can write stuff to you. You’ll find that the best advertisers for your music are your own fans.

10. Develop A Unique Voice
If you are serious about exporting your music to the USA or Japan or Europe, you cannot sound like some famous band in the USA or Europe or Japan and hope to be taken seriously in these markets. However, if you sound like no one on earth, you may have a decent chance.

Originally titled 10 Steps to Infamy by Pete Teo

Coretan ikhlas

Cukup sudah kita berbual mengenai INF. Apa kata kali nie kita berbicara sebentar mengenai Rn'B, madah perjuangan dan 'underground' scene

Pertama sekali kenapa perlunya group vocal? Selepas sekian lama memperjuangkan muzik kami, ikhlas saya cakap kebanyakan drpd mereka tak tahu langsung apa yang mereka sedang lakukan. Sebab member2 ader group, kita pun nak jugak merasa ader group. Bunyi macam seronok giler, tapi tak tahu langsung yang mereka sedang memperbodohkan diri sendiri.

The first and foremost is to really know what are the things that we wanna do and achieve. kemudian usaha ke arah itu. Second is to determine are we really doing what we wanna do and the right thing? Dalam konteks ini kita bercakap mengenai music, Rn'B to be precised. Berapa ramai sangat penggiat music Rn'B yang benar2 memahami music tersebut. Mana asal-usulnya, icon dsb. Malah kalau nak tanya, besar kemungkinan ramai yg tak tau what does Rn'B stands for. Ader hati nak nyanyi Rn'B. Bukan nak bangga diri atau berfikiran negatif, tetapi kita seharusnya belajar mengenai music, notes, harmony, music appreciation dan sebagainya. At least have the nerve to learn the basic things. As I mentioned, It all balls back to the first question. Apa yg kita nak perjuangkan.

Mana taknya. Penggiat music rock sebagai contoh benar2 memahami music tersebut. Kami tidak biased dan sgt mengagumi2 mana-mana pemusic yg memahami apa yg mereka sedang lakukan. They know how to play instrument and make good music. Whereas, bebudak Rn'B sendiri tak tau apa itu Rn'B. Rn'B is not just wearing baggy jeans, cornroll hair and yellow boots. It ain't about the 'bling-bling'. I got frenz who listens to metal and rock but have a vocal group. One of them is now already a mainstream artiste. I salute them.

Kemudian, tabiat dan mentality masing2 perlu ubah. Muzik adalah sangat general, jadi seseorang tak harus menghadkan pengetahuan music mereka hanya kerana mereka dengar Rn'B. Listen to all type of songs. Tapi yang terjadi is the other way round. Toksah cakap lagu genre lain, malah music Rn'B pun tak dengar. Inilah fenomena yg saya sampai sekarang tidak mampu nak faham. Ive got friends yg tak suka menyanyi, tetapi kalau tengok koleksi lagu2 diorang, yang menyanyi tue sendiri akan rasa malu lantas terus berhenti menyanyi. KALAU TAK DENGAR MUSIC CAMANA NAK APPRECIATE MUSIC

Know your music. Pengalaman yang paling tak dapat dilupakan adalah apabila seorang budak Rn'B vogue tak ingat melepakkan diri dengan mamat rock claiming that his a true Rn'B kononnya. Lalu mamat rock tue bertanya 'APA ITU Rn'B?'. Si budak vogue habis tue terdiam tak tahu apa nak jawab. Worse scenario is mamat rock tue sendiri tahu harmony, apatah lagi menyanyi

Fikirkanlah. Selepas 2 tahun, kami tidak mahu mendiamkan diri dan menjadi hipokrit. Beri kami peluang utk menyuarakan pendapat di ruangan kami sendiri. Ambil positif dan anggap ianya sebagai cabaran. InsyaALLAH, selagi diizinkan tuhan kami akan terus berjuang

The Evolution

If not for this young dreamers, there would be no Infinatez today. This is Solemn, the group in which the four original founders of Infinatez met and shared their dreams and passion for harmonies circa 2004.

The first original line up of Infinatez circa 2004 to 2005.
2005 to 2006. Changes are inevitable. Its either for the better or worse. The result is evidential today. Infinatez stands abreast with the local RnB elites and at the same time, remained down to earth.
The school of 2006. Development is a must, thus they developed and learned the hard way, that is from the bottom up. Deemed to be one of the best line up so far.
2007? just wait and see. it will be a blast!!

INF interesting life...

What have we been doing all this while? Thats the question id like to answer to ya'll. Perhaps the last time we keep you guys updated on our progress was last 2 months. But heck, we are surviving and now let's get a bit personal

Rafique- this young lad is busy with his studies. For those who dont know, apart from studying, hes a bloody rich bloke. Yes, Rafik run and owns his own business. He lives in melawati, has a GF and still available (told you ima get personal). Now busy doing back up vocal for Zamil Malaysian Idol. Sabtu nie dia ader paper. Best of luck dude.

Shah- mamat jambu nie a full time musician. So he usually kill his time by fixing his PC that is loaded with virus. Not to mention his part time hobby is looking at 'em ladies lips. What to do, its in his DNA. Busy doing back up vocal as well and his next show will be this Saturday. Bless you my friend

benign- this guy is one hell of a mysterious guy. He s now busy with his gf, his work, his internet and his blog. The last time we had a conversation, he forwarded one song that is gonna be a major hit.

Andy- he's getting fat. He goes to work, balik, and layan Oprah Winfrey Show hari2. So far he has completed loads of songs and responsible of song mixing, balancing and arrangement. Therefore his PC is like his GF, and his car is considered his lover. He calls his car Adeline...huhu

Daniel- just finished his exam, and now is free. He loves to bug andy's life by staying at andy's place over the weekend. Not like andy has any other options. Danield is currently working part time as a 'lady observer via Myspace'. If you dont know to date Daniel has more than 800 frens in Myspace. He checks Myspace all the time like nobody's business.

there you go.takkan nak citer pasal music je kan?