Rest In Peace Saddam Hussein

This may not be the best place and time to write bout this, knowing that its nearly 1 week of Saddam Hussein's execution. But people of INF share our sadness and feel sorry for his family due to the tragic event. I would respect their decision, but one feel dissapointed since it was on Aidiladha, when muslims all around the globe seek forgiveness. Even our great Tun Dr M slammed em back as being not respecting the muslims. But let bygone be bygone. Afterall this is not a politicial blog, this is a journal about how music effects our life. But is the execution worth it? How can you say its justice when there are people who celebrates right after a few hours of his death. Sound like a 'revenge' to me. Then why not hang Bush and Tony Blair as well.

This is what we wanna do in our music. We wanna inspire people, give hope. Not to mention im getting tired listening to war here and there. All we want is PEACE!!!