Practice, practice, practice

This 3 weeks have been very occupied. The boys of INF have been working their ass off. 8 practice session with one session usually takes from 2-4 hours. Sometimes we normally practice in Shah Alam near the lake, or in PJ. But most of the time rehearsal will take place at Andys' house. The time also differ. We try to make it as variety as possible so that we dont fell any amount of stress. Sometimes we start in the evening and there are times we start off after midnight. So you see, its not easy to sing and harmonise in a group as we are all 'perfectionist' in our own way. I remembered that we had even worst session somewhere in July where we practiced more than 36 hours that particular month. But at the end of the day its all worth it. Here are the important things to take note:

1) vocal and harmonising notation
2) lyrics and diction
3) tempo
4) music appreciation & how to deliver
5) blendness
6) showmanship

Now you know how hard it its to have Rn'B group,
Andy Merican


Ladysoul said...


syncopation :)...

watched your aud. yesterday.

great rendition of EOTR..

i couldnt stay on to watch the 2nd round. Hope it all went well..

plutonium said...

terima kasih sbb sudi berkongsi banyak ilmu dan tips2 berguna semasa jammin....keep it up