INF interesting life...

What have we been doing all this while? Thats the question id like to answer to ya'll. Perhaps the last time we keep you guys updated on our progress was last 2 months. But heck, we are surviving and now let's get a bit personal

Rafique- this young lad is busy with his studies. For those who dont know, apart from studying, hes a bloody rich bloke. Yes, Rafik run and owns his own business. He lives in melawati, has a GF and still available (told you ima get personal). Now busy doing back up vocal for Zamil Malaysian Idol. Sabtu nie dia ader paper. Best of luck dude.

Shah- mamat jambu nie a full time musician. So he usually kill his time by fixing his PC that is loaded with virus. Not to mention his part time hobby is looking at 'em ladies lips. What to do, its in his DNA. Busy doing back up vocal as well and his next show will be this Saturday. Bless you my friend

benign- this guy is one hell of a mysterious guy. He s now busy with his gf, his work, his internet and his blog. The last time we had a conversation, he forwarded one song that is gonna be a major hit.

Andy- he's getting fat. He goes to work, balik, and layan Oprah Winfrey Show hari2. So far he has completed loads of songs and responsible of song mixing, balancing and arrangement. Therefore his PC is like his GF, and his car is considered his lover. He calls his car Adeline...huhu

Daniel- just finished his exam, and now is free. He loves to bug andy's life by staying at andy's place over the weekend. Not like andy has any other options. Danield is currently working part time as a 'lady observer via Myspace'. If you dont know to date Daniel has more than 800 frens in Myspace. He checks Myspace all the time like nobody's business.

there you go.takkan nak citer pasal music je kan?


plutonium said...

andy...daniel...2 manusia yg...wakakakakaka

korg mmg gile la...part yg aku paling takleh lupe...alamak...ter*toot* la plak....wakakakakakakaka

andy...thumb drive aku..wakakaka