The Evolution

If not for this young dreamers, there would be no Infinatez today. This is Solemn, the group in which the four original founders of Infinatez met and shared their dreams and passion for harmonies circa 2004.

The first original line up of Infinatez circa 2004 to 2005.
2005 to 2006. Changes are inevitable. Its either for the better or worse. The result is evidential today. Infinatez stands abreast with the local RnB elites and at the same time, remained down to earth.
The school of 2006. Development is a must, thus they developed and learned the hard way, that is from the bottom up. Deemed to be one of the best line up so far.
2007? just wait and see. it will be a blast!!


plutonium said...

wei...the 2nd pic tu aku baru amik dr pc benign...buat pengetahuan anda...benign sedang gersang kerana pc nye sedang direpair oleh seorg manusia bernama amir...aku la tu...ehehehe