ShowAlert: pensi2warna

INF will be performing alongside Maliq D
Essentials and some other performers from
Malaysia and Indonesia in a Yogyakarta charity
concert this Saturday night at KL convention
centre KLCC.

This event is sponsored and supported by MTV,
KLue, Malaysian Airlines, KUB malaysia and so
on. Show that you care and come and support us.
The profits from overall ticket sold will be donated
to people who suffered in Yogyakarta

For more info visit:

a blend of colourful variation of bands, dances and
vocal performances, traditional and modern from both countries.
Infinatez will be doing some Acappella stuff.
Pray for us.


Ana Shirin said...

Mau menonton.. nampaknya tidak kesampaian..

The People of INF said...

Insya Allah. mungkin akan ada rakaman. nanti jemputlah menonton wahai cik ana yang chumil.