TV appearance

Oh yeah before i forgot last week Friday 11th , we appeared on NTV7's The Breakfast Show.

I received a call a day earlier asking us to come over and fill up the slot for that session. I straight away agreed and informed my fella brothers. I mean what the heck. Apart from all the shows and invitations that we got (none from TV3), its been awhile we have not been seeing our faces on TV. So it feels good to be back again.

We talked bout a couple of things, our plans and project for 2008. We even gave them a snipet of our next single 'paparazzi' . Right after that i kept on receiving tones of sms bout us that morning. It was a good promotion though. And for you who got up early and saw us, or accidently watched us, we appreciate you being such a morning person :)

Thank You NTV7. We love ya!!!

Andy A. Merican