The evolution of INF

This is Solemn, the group in which the four original founders of Infinatez met and shared their dreams and passion for harmonies circa 2004.

The first line up of Infinatez circa 2004 to 2005. We call them 'the believers' who dares to dream.

Changes are inevitable. Its either for the better or worse of the group. Without them there will be no Infinatez today.

The result is evidential. Infinatez stands abreast with the local RnB elites and at the same time, remained down to earth.

The school of 2006. The sound of maturity, more progress and soulful voices. Creativities and innovativities are the core of growth.

Development is a must, thus they developed and learned the hard way, that is from the bottom up. Deemed to be one of the best line up so far

Now they are back to inspire people. Remember our name 'Infinatez'

Kudos to our other half 'Phizy' for reminding us how grateful and blessed we should be with ourselves.


Anonymous said...

I'm really touched...thanx a lot 4 not forgettin me....i will giv whateva i can to help u guyz...all the best brothers

Anonymous said...

sy suka solemn, sy suka infinatez, tanpa mereka, sy takde kawan utk bercerita pasal musik (dan juga perkara lain, ikut suasana), dan yg penting, takde healthy competition dlm scene yg kecik nih.. i met lots of great personalities in these group of ppl...