How did we do it? Itulah persoalan yang mungkin berlegar di kepala sesetengah orang yang mengikuti perkembangan kami sejurus selepas kami memberanikan diri menemukan sesuatu yang segar dan baru dalam scene RnB underground malaysia. Sebenarnya impian untuk menerbitkan sesuatu sudah menjadi salah satu daripada impian impian setiap anak anak nakal Infinatez, jadi untuk merealisasikan sesuatu, kita seharusnya berani menerima risiko. Just Do it bak kata iklan Nike.

Infinatez circa 2004/2005, sepertimana yang diketahui oleh teman teman terdekat adalah merupakan group RnB yang paling miskin. hehe. Kami tidak mempunyai wang untuk dibelanjakan untuk membeli baju baju baru RnB dan barang barang kemas RnB (blings) seperti mana beberapa kumpulan lain in the same genre. Infinatez sememangnya sebuah kumpulan anak anak nakal yang miskin. haha. Masih lagi jelas diingatan bagaimana kami keluar untuk membeli baju di carefour dalam persiapan untuk ke Blast Off musim pertama yang disiarkan di Astro awal tahun lalu. Masing masing tak cukup duit, maka terpaksalah satu persidangan diadakan bagi mengumpul duit duit yang ada dengan bersila dilantai carefour itu. haha..

Back to the topic. We managed to go against the odds by releasing a fully self released professional demo called "The Beginning" (TB) in an era where no one thought that such thing existed and possible. I know that there are some groups longing to produce and release their own materials but most probably do not know in what form the materials should be released. I bet a Demo would be the last thing they would think of. And one other thing that most probably hold them back is the question on quality.

For me, Quality is something subjective and undefined. Personally i believe that theres no such thing as a fixed quality in singing, since it differs from a person to another. A bad record to you might be a good record to me. vice versa. For example, for me the production quality in Extreme Pleasure is by far better than those of VEs for you or REs Define and Ruffera but you might be of different view. Thats OK since perceptions also differs.

Quality should be a concern in singing and harmonizing but groups shouldnt be too concern about it when it comes to materials of self released (especially by amateurs).

How did we do it? few people knew that the song "puteri" was actually our first single recorded way before the recording session for TB begin. We actually got a few version of that song in different musical arrangement. The original version was a typical Usher-isque RnB type which was recorded in 2004 and was never released due to some technical reasons. Then came the A Cappella version in TB which took more than 3 days to complete since we had to re-figure and re-arrange the whole vocal arrangement. After that benign came out with an acoustic version of that song which was never really used except once for this one show at Sri Aman School. And the last version is an orchestra version which was never fully completed (20% left) due to Benigns lazyness. hahaha.

OK. The majority of the songs and musics in TB were composed by Benign using the easiest sofware available, Fruity Loops. FL is by far one of the most easiest and user friendly software in arranging and composing music and you can actually increase your loops and soundfonts collection by downloading them through the internet using P2P application or just buy the CD at your local computer shops. The point is, no matter what deck (Fruity loops, Cakewalk, Reason just to name a few) you use, the most important thing is your creativity in arranging them. No use of having and using the best deck in the world if you dont have the creativity and innovativity to properly utilize them in doing your arrangments.

To record, you can choose various softwares like soundforge, protools, cubase etc but for that particular demo, we settled with Adobe Audition (formely known as Cool Edit Pro). Its easy to learn and simple. Again, with good knowledge in doing your stuff plus additional features from the softwares, you can have a recording sound no different from those of a real studio. So why waste money if you can do it all at the solace of your own bedroom? haha. We did it thus so can you.

Any questions regarding the usage of Adobe Audition or Fruity loops, dont hesitate to drop us a line. Who knows we can share a few good tips in helping you to DO IT!!!.


defoo said...

Nice on bro ;) Keep sharing your thoughts, I'm learning.

Ana Shirin said...

Those were the dayslah kan??? Many things have happened since and i sure it's developing for the best..

Keep the new stuff coming.. Can't have enough of Infinatez.. hehehehe

*officially groupie*