Where have all the RnB groups gone?

1- Wow, it has been a while indeed since I last took interest in updating this blog. I was quite astounded to learn that this blog is still getting daily visitations. Well, to be honest, this blog was ignored. Why wouldnt it? The strong love and passion for RnB has long gone along with the vocal groups that came with it.  

2- It was only with my recent and you might say, rekindled fascination with vocal groups from the past that I thought about this blog. I have been browsing Youtube recently and stumbled with 112's hot sexy track, Peaches N Cream. Who could ever forget that bumpy bouncy track? The fat bass track with that fiesty opening riff brought me back to that one time when baggy pants, air force ones and sports gears roamed the scene. Damn, I missed those days.

3- Back in the days and that was like 5-6 years ago, I despised the type of RnB championed by groups like 112 and B2K. I dont know why but most probably due to the reason that the type of RnB beats that them cats were singing to, represented the next evolution of RnB when I was still stuck with the quiet storm, new jack swing style of the early 90s. It was a change that I was unwilling to accept. For me, Boyz II Men and AzYet (among others) were the true voice of RnB.

4- As times fly, I had to embrace the change and seeing the latest trend of modern music nowadays, I found myself desparately crooning for music from the likes of 112 and B2K to have been able to survive. 

5- As for the older RnB groups in the instance of Boyz II Men, AzYet and Silk, it is a fact that their days were long gone over. I guess, it is difficult to adapt to the changes in music. Most of their original fans were now in their late 30s and 40s. The younger fans were more fascinated with Justin Bieber, Mindless Behaviour and those type of bubble gum sound. Boyz II Men tried to modernize their sound with their last all original studio album, The Remedy but how many of us could even remember that album.

6- The talks of new albums by reunited acts like AzYet, Jodeci, Silk, Next, New Edition and BlackStreet ends with nothing. The only vocal group that managed to come out with a decent album was Dru Hill. Even Sisqo and crew found it hard to capture the market that they once conquered with classic tracks like 5 Step and We're Not Makin Love No More.