IIC Rawks!!!

Thanx IIC for the great show!! You juniors have done a good job!! Keep it up!!

Infinatez baru saja selesai membuat persembahan di IIC (Islamic International College). It was a great one. Layanan istimewa and makanan pun sedap ^_^. One of the best crowd we've performed so far. Thanx to Farah and friends for taking good care of us. Thanx to Mira and Eiya for inviting us in the first place. Thanx to the AJK's, you guys have certainly done a good job. We would really love to perform in IIC again. For those yang ada take pics with us (thank you very2 much) do keep in touch through myspace, friendster or facebook. Let us know if you post the pictures online ya. We got more pics tapi kena tanya Syai.

To Syai and Eizani, you guys were a big help for us!! Well of course ^_^

Alvin MY