First Concert

In case you guys wanna know our preparation for the big day, here it goes

Jumaat 23hb Feb- after several days of a hectic schedule, we have planned to really practice and spend some quality time with INF. It may be surprising but after almost one week and 2 days to go live we have yet to practice. Loads of our time goes to TV3. Therefore we booked a studio from 9-11 at 'Akakarya'. We started singing both songs, check on vocals and harmonies, and apparently we managed to learn some new steps coutesy of my sister. 2 days left, and morethings to cover

Sabtu 24hb Feb- First day of rehearsal at Finas. Started of with an early lunch followed by several rehearsal. A lil bit stressful when we had to go through the whole day rehearsing, and yet realizing that a few groups have already prepared. Thanks to Jibb, Sou and Abg Fahmie who came all the way and gave us some love

Ahad 25hb Feb- The big day. After going thru one rehearsal, we are ready to kick off. We had to sing twice, one with live band and one acapella. We choose Siti Nurhaliza 'Siti Situ Sana Sini' for our live band session. For the acapella performance we covered 'ratu Hati' that was originally sang by Innuendo. Alhamdulillah, we performed well that night although there are more things can be improved, mainly because there were loads of friends who came down and supported us. The comments from the judges were overall positive. The night ended with loads of interview and photoshoot, then we head to the nearest mamak

P/S:Thank you very much for the love and support from INF. We could not perform our hearts out if its not because of you guys. The moment we heard you guys cheering, it gave us the confidence to perform better. Thank you very much and bless ya'll.

Andy A. Merican


defoo said...

Yeah i agree. Klu member semua x dtg support n show us love, the energy mesti x mcm haritu. Hehe wlupun sbnrnya pancit d pertengahan jalan ;)

Lynn said...

hahaha it was our pleasure. seronok looking at you guys onstage cuz we truly believe in your talents.

even semalam masa korang tak perform pun, masa gambar korang appeared for the short playback for voting, kitorang pun applause kuat-kuat apa, hehe. :D