The day we revolted

Infinatez at Planet Hollywood for Pensi2warna

Being in a singing group is aint easy as it may look. A challenge is always about questioning ourselves, how far do we really wanted to go beyond every boundaries that we may or may not think or even thought of. Development is about challenging ourselves to be the impossible and to erase the word failure, out from our dictionaries.

INFINATEZ, within its two years of existance, had gone through its portion of ups and downs. Experience had always done us good as in always mature us in some way or another, both musically and personally. A rooky we will always consider ourselves to be and greatness is not a reason to look down upon others of the same league.

There will always be thorns along the winding road but as the saying goes as long as it doesnt kill you, it will only turns you stronger. The haters and the so-called "friends" whom never fails every time to degrade us with every single look they took, the backstabbers who talk shit about us behind our backs and the oppoturnist who took advantage upon us. you made us a better group and a better person individually.

As for us, the passion for harmony vocals led us to another dimension of singing. The more complicated the harmonies goes, the more passionate we get. We believe that we have achieved something that previously were only dreams and hopes. The driving factor will always be passion and in the same time having fun doing it would do you no harm.

Thank God we are all still here.


Anonymous said...

saya mengaku yang infinates ni hebat, tapi kalau tiada sikap merendahkan diri untuk mendengar/belajar pendapat orang lain macam mana nak berjaya?